Electronic Channel Distribution

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Electronic Channel Distribution

As we all know, online bookings and registrations are increasing day by day over the world. Online Channel has turned into a main strategic channel for each hotel be it Leisure, Business or resort.

As the technology is upgrading, the online channel management is turning out to be more and more complicated. Within online channel, we now have many Points of Sale to manage. Pricing, Promotions, Sale and so on give different results across these Points of Sale. Fortunately, we now have the choice of having the channel manager to distribute price points. However, how you choose the price point is very important.

We at RedSky Consultancy Services, have tried out various strategies in various situations. We know which strategy will function as according the hotel and market situations. We design the Hotel Pricing System as according the target audience and ensure the strategy is designed keeping in mind Point of Sale and Online Platform.

For current clients, we have demonstrated 3-digit growth year Revenue and Room nights through Online Channel. This is done while keeping in mind the perfect mix of the business to enhance the profitability of the Hotel.

Global Distribution Channel (G.D.S.)

GDS is the main online channel for any business hotel over the world. GDS channel can turn into a very costly channel, if not managed properly. Ideal investment in this channel is very important to yield ROI. High rated business can be managed through this channel through making hotel awareness and enticing promotions and advertisements.

Driving business from GDS is a main strategy and it requires brief knowledge of GDS channel. RedSky Consultancy Services is prepared, trained and experienced to develop your revenues by GDS. We check your GDS data and design a technique for your hotel to achieve and exceed your fair share.

RedSky Consultancy Services team has experts to design your GDS marketing campaigns Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan. We work keeping in mind hotel's allocated marketing budget to secure significant ROI.